Thursday, May 28, 2009

Racing the sun home...

I just got back from Riverside earlier this evening. I was trying to beat the sun home and you would think that being on the 91 I would have lost, but Im gonna call it a tie. I spent last night and today in R-side, it was the first time I had been back since graduating so it was kind of a funny feeling but such a wonderful one at that. I feel like being there for just about 24 hours has rejuvenated me and given me a brighter outlook on life. Im not complaining about my situation here in good ole Lomita but just driving into Riverside felt like I was coming home. Anyway, it has motivated me to start being more active in pursuit to create community here, if I can build one here like I did in Riverside I will consider myself truly blessed! So thank you CT, Lauren, Travis, Janelle, Lee, Jenni, Chris, Heather, Lindsey, Taylor, Fox, Alyssa, Deanna and everyone else I got to hang out with today, you are all a blessing to me!!!

*This is from my phone on the 91*

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